CleverWaste – Waste logistic system

Büchl is a German and Hungarian waste management company which has clients like Audi. They needed a system which connects workflows from the client’s order placement through scheduling until the completion of drivers’ tasks. This is CleverWaste.


  • The whole truck and container resource and schedule planning relied on one employee
  • Hard to calculate the best route and time during resource allocation
  • Containers are often lost or forgotten
  • It’s hard to see which client is time-consuming
  • It’s not possible to follow what truck drivers do and for how long
  • Truck drivers need to fill out a lot of paper forms during their work

My role and the scope

Our team is made of a product designer (me) with 3 developers at YourCode Lab. The project has been running for 1,5 years by now.

Keeping truck drivers up to date, letting them log their activities and eliminating phone calls with a todo list

It was a lot of hassle before CleverWaste when there was a change in the plan: dispatcher needed to call all parties and explain all the changes one by one. Now it’s an automatic update in the app. Drivers logging their activities during work so the dispatcher can see their status and the issues.

Driver app

Preventing errors of mixing up different waste types with waste source identification

Interviews revealed that accidentally mixing different type of waste is a frequent problem and leads to a lot of extra work to correct. We used QR code scanning identification at the waste source so it will be clear what is inside the container when truck drivers take it to the disposal or recycling plant.

Waste source

Aiding route planning with visualising orders on a map to save costs

Previously planning routes for drivers from a list demanded a lot of knowledge about clients because their location was not explained.


Helping diversified workload among truck drivers

Visualising drivers’ working hours and order durations helped a lot to balance workload.

Planning and monitoring

Tools I used

Task and business analysis, User interviews, User journey, Wireframing and prototyping