MobilBroker – Stock exchange made easy

MobilBroker is a stock trader cross-platform application. The client is one of the biggest providers in Hungary. Previously I redesigned their web platform but they needed a mobile product too to keep up with the competition and satisfy users' needs.


“I want to see my portfolio and buy or sell stocks anytime with only a tap even if I’m on a meeting.”

This was said by the biggest ex-customer of my client. He started to use the competitor’s mobile app and left the client's web platform.

My role and the scope

I worked together with the client's product, sales and marketing team. I was in charge of the design process, the user interviews and usability tests.

The project took 2 months.

Finding the most important indicators of users’ favourite stocks to help them to decide and act

User interviews revealed that users only want to know only a few info. The daily price change direction, the price, the change in value and percentage if it’s in his portfolio and if it has an open position.


Multiple account handling to help to understand the available resources, profit gains and open positions

Traders usually have many trading accounts for tax optimisation in Hungary. Trades can select any accounts from the selector box in all portfolio pages.

Multi account portfolio

Saving time and reducing unnecessary calculations during buying and selling

Traders don’t need to check how many stocks they have and how much it is worth anymore. There is a dedicated button to sell all stocks or they can sell in value and not only in pieces like at competitors. The system also handles the automatic money change or investment loan to help traders to trade in the biggest volume without leaving the page. Users couldn’t wait to see all these functions in life.

Smart sell and buy functions

Every trader has different needs - Customizable product page for fast decision making

We couldn't find best-practices or patterns for the ultimate product page during the interviews and tests. Every trader was different. So we decided to make the product page flexible. Traders can rearrange sections and close the unnecessary ones with accordion navigation. Some sections have dedicated subpage for extra information.

Product page

Tools I used

User interviews, Usability tests, Task analysis, Competitor analysis, Business analysis, Jobs to be done, User journey, Wireframing, Prototyping, UI design