Liligo – Find the best flight ticket

Liligo is the biggest meta flight ticket search provider in France. The company wanted to try a new service where people could get alternative search results for train, bus and car-sharing options. Furthermore, Liligo wanted to display the same price results grouped.


Searching for a destination can give the user a flood of same price results with only difference in the timing.

My role and the scope

Our team was made of two Android developers, a UX researcher and a UX designer (me). We closely worked together with the business team.
The project took 4 months.

Step by step search parameter wizard

This solution demands less interaction from the user.

Step by step wizard

Grouped results by price

Users liked that they don’t need to scroll through tens of same price results. Later, users can select which time option they want in the result details. The inbound and outbound time selection is displayed in the tabs.


Sorting results by price and travelling time

We used tab navigation for sorting. The Smart option wasn’t clear for all users.

Tools I used

Persona workshop, User journey, Guerilla tests, Usability tests and interviews, Wireframing

Persona workshop